Tips to Decorate a Bookshelf

Bookends, curtain , room and style, paint, room shelves, decorative pinnacles, furnitureIf you have shelves of books at home, and many books, you’ve probably discovered that Bookends is not always keep everything in order. Here is a trick that works as a great a great idea to decorate: Use curtain rod finials as bookends! A shot is a form of decoration carved details or used as ornaments to set all sorts of objects in a room. Curtain rod finials are used to make curtain rods more decorative, and also to keep the curtains to slide the ends of the stems. Regular architectural finials are often used as enhancements to the decoration of a room and style. Curtain rod finials usually come with an internal screw. All you have to do is to start a hole in your library, then screw the top in place. If your screenshot does not match the platform, or if you purchased unfinished, simply paint, stain or paint your room shelves and furniture.

Take this advice to Decorate further with the purchase of peaks of different sizes, shapes and colors. Then they change with the seasons, each time you want a new, a different look of the room, or every time fully re-decorate.

On the other hand, of course, you can simply buy a single shot of the architecture, without the screw in place – then just stick it up on your shelf.

Purchasing a decorative pinnacles and rare today, and get your library every spring cleaning!