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June 2015

Be Prepared for the Summer Heat

The current weather is really confusing. It seems like the climate change is really happening as the weather we are experiencing today is much extreme compared to what we knew for years. Giving attention to the latest news, we heard a lot about climate extremities all over the world and even it is said that this year of 2015 will be the hottest year over century. Hot weather is happening on many parts of the world including what we heard from the news how the hot weather made the asphalt road melt. Well, we are not close to doomsday apocalypse yet but it is important to get prepared for extreme hot weather this summer.

Yes, we can bet that this summer will be a damn hot summer. Here in Arizona where we are already familiar with hot desert weather, we still need to prepare with the possible extreme hot weather on the summer. We must keep our loved ones safe from the possible risk and learning from what happened in India, hot weather can be catastrophic. It is time for us to check whether we are well prepared or not and off course, the top of the list must be inspecting the air conditioning system at our home. A proper AC system is what keep us survive the hot summer days and with the risk of extreme weather on the coming summer, it is more crucial to have an AC system at best condition. You can imagine how torturing it is to have a broken AC on the peak of summer. It can even be dangerous. Don’t risk your family comfort and safety. It doesn’t take long to get the AC system inspected and, if needed, repaired.

Off course, you will need to hire an AC technician to do the inspection and repair works. There are many of them easily found on local directory listing. However, it is highly recommended that you only choose Norris Air Inc. for the best ac repair Fountain Hills AZ. It is how you can be sure you will get the best solution at the best value for your money. Norris Air Inc. is a certified and licensed HVAC contractor with service are covering cities on Arizona greater area. This company has top reputation among customers in this region known for their excellent service and impressive works. No wonder as Norris Air has the best resources to handle all things related to AC system from design and installation to inspection, repair, and replacement work. This company covers both residential and commercial AC systems and certified as authorized dealer for top leading AC system brands and manufacturers.

The core of Norris Air is the team of professional technicians. They are well trained and well experienced technicians familiar with all types of AC system from all makes. Thanks to their seasoned experience, they know the AC system very well to thoroughly inspect the system without missing any possible problem. Upon your call, Norris Air will send the team of technicians to inspect the AC system. Supported with the latest tools, they can deliver precise diagnostic and advise the right option to fix the problem. Once you give your consent, they will start working the repair to fix all the problems. The repair work will be effective as Norris Air has access to spare parts inventories from all major AC manufacturers ensuring the right part available as needed. It is guaranteed that the AC will back at best condition and will work optimally. The repair work is also including optimization to make sure the AC system has optimum energy efficiency helping you to reduce energy bill even on the peak of summer when the AC is used extensively. The most important thing is you can be sure the AC will be ready for the summer without risk of damage.

There are another advantage from hiring Norris Air. As it is a licensed and certified HVAC contractor, you can be sure that their work is compliant with safety and quality as well as industrial standards as regulated by the state of Arizona. Norris Air also guarantees that all works are bonded and insured for your highest satisfaction. So, there’s no more reason to hesitate. Call Norris Air today and get ready for the summer heat!