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January 2013

e-Cigs and Their Benefits

They say that giving up smoking is easy. While it is partially true, that turns out not to be the case. On the surface, it might be a piece of cake when it comes to the matter of smoking cessation. Dig deeper, we are dealing with a matter of psychological. This aspect is often overlooked by many that they often focus on final outcome without paying enough attention to what’s really going on down there. In actuality, the body undergoes so many changes it often feels overwhelmed. Then it ignites the beginning of withdrawal effects where someone feels tormented during the process. In some cases, simple distraction is what it needs to ease up the torture. In other case, it takes more than just that. It asks for more efforts and eventually more tools.

One of the said tools is e cigarette. It is a different type of cigarette which is designed to fulfill one’s desire of smoking while not actually gives impacts similar to the regular cigarettes. Such impacts include the possibility of developing cancerous cells and/or any other cardiac diseases. This is not to count problems with complexion in which skin loses its collagen causing rapid aging in the end. Add to that the fact that the smoker often becomes a subject of social ostracism, there are no benefits whatsoever from inhaling nicotine.

And with e-cigarettes, people can find it easier to cease smoking. Reduced health risks aside, taking e-cigs has been proven effective to re-establish social connection because, well, e-cigs don’t produce smoke so people will not be bothered at all. With that being said, it is always advisable to be cautious on picking e-cigs. Examining e cigarette reviews is a good act since quality e-cigs are what will definitely work best in conjunction with smoking cessation.