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October 2012

3 Things You Need to Buy Before the Baby Arrives

Have you been trying to prepare for the new baby but you haven’t had the time to go shopping for baby supplies and furniture for the nursery? If you are becoming a first time parent, congratulations! Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences you will go through in your life. So you’re in your third trimester and you need to figure out everything you need to do before the baby arrives. But what are they? Well here’s a quick list of the three things you need to buy before the baby comes in the next one to two months.

Buy a Rocking Chair

At New Arrivals Inc, we have a selection of beautiful nursery rocking chairs to help you rock your newborn to sleep in the middle of the night. The rockers are beautifully made, with tufted, winged backs to provide support as you sit in the chair. Rocking chairs designed to help new parents rock their newborns and infants to sleep. They are ultra soft and cozy that will keep you comfortable while you are holding your baby, rocking him or her to sleep.

You Need a Crib for Your Baby to Sleep In

What’s a nursery without a crib? Just a regular bedroom. If you haven’t bought your crib yet, then you need to check out our website deals we have on cribs. Shaker inspired, these cribs will look beautiful in any style nursery. New parents can choose from different colors that include dark Catalpa, white, and light Catalpa.  The lacquer is low-VOC and will not give off fumes in this full-size crib. You can also adjust the mattress with the three-point adjustable height setting.

Baby Bedding for the Nursery

Once you pick out your crib you’ll need to buy bedding. Do you know if you’re expecting a boy or a girl? Or do you want to keep it a surprise? There are many different types of bedding styles, colors and themes you can choose from. You’ll need sheets, a crib skirt, baby bumpers for the side of the crib, and a baby blanket. You’ll find all that and more when you head over to our website to purchase all your baby supplies for your nursery.

Now you know the three most important items you need to buy for your nursery before the baby arrives. Make sure you get everything done ahead of time because babies can come at any hour of the day or night!